About Us is different

1. We are located in Los Angeles U.S.A., so we are covered by the Federal Counterfeit law. Beware of products shipped from Asia or other countries who sell counterfeits without any restrictions.

2. We have more details and better information available to the customer. Many brands, such as Ray-Ban and even the iPhone, are made in China. We state where all the products were made in and have more pictures taken of the products for accuracy.

3. Many online sites list thousands of product and order to distributor after the customer orders it. If a customer is lucky, the order will ship out in about 3 to 5 days (they call it processing time) but if the products are discontinued or are in backorder, usually no ETA and hassle for refund. At, what you see on our site is available in stock. We shipping out on the same day (except some prescription jobs) if ordered before 2:00 pm PST.

4. We have our own laboratory worked by experienced opticians for all the prescription work, which guarantees a faster turn around time and accuracy.

5. We do not request a Return Authorization number, just a return with invoice.